13 Questions Before ‘Halloween By The Pier’: Russ Yallop

by on October 23, 2015

You must have heard of Hot Creations right? You must have heard about Damian Lazarus’s Crosstown Rebels as well. We get candid with the Hot Creations & Crosstown Rebels DJ/Producer Russ Yullop before he embarks on his maiden tour of India next week. We chats about his beginnings, how people can break through in the industry and the current state of the scene. He is also the standard most people compare to when it comes to house music hedonism, at least in my opinion. Find out more what Russ has to say below:


1.You’ve been associated with some of my favourite labels. Crosstown Rebels & Hot Creations. Tell us how your journey began with the two labels?

It all started back in about 2008/9 when a group of us, mostly based in the UK and fortunately a large amount of my friends, started playing and making music which was a bit different to what was doing the rounds at that moment in time. Both labels were at the front in this regard, lead by their bosses, Damian Lazarus for CR and Jamie Jones and Lee Foss for HC. So it was natural for me to give any music I was making to them and luckily for me they took it.


2. You’ve been part of the scene for a very long time. You’ve been working in Ibiza and finally took the leap to make your own music. How did it all begin for you? Were you an avid clubber before?

Big time! This is how I met everyone in the first place… from doing seasons in Ibiza and then clubbing in London. Myself, Jamie, Richy Ahmed, Mark jenkyns, have all known each other a very long time. We used to attend DC10 all the time, just like churchgoers!


3. At ADE you were playing alongside a dream team for ‘Paradise’. Eats Everything, Patrick Topping and the list goes on. How did your night go and what were you looking forward to most?

Every Paradise party no matter where it is….. its always special. Not just because they are always sell outs, but because we do the regular party in Ibiza and we have made so many friends in the industry so they always come along too to party.


4. You recently released your EP ‘HYDRO’ on Material Recordings. Tell us how you came about producing that EP? What was your inspiration?


I was approached to do a remix by Material for Mendo, so I got to know Mihalis Safras from Material through that. I’d been buying Material releases for years, so when Mihalis asked if I wanted to do an EP, I bit his hand off! Both the tracks were very different on the EP; Hydro was an acid track with a swinging groove and Marauder a big room techno track with big chords on the break.


5. According to you, which DJ is on top of their game currently?


Any answer from me would be, hopelessly bias so there’s no point me answering!


6. You, Lee Foss, Josh Butler Richy Ahmed, Subb-an, wAFF are some of the guys who are representing underground music from the UK. Do I sense a proper takeover someday? Also, what is your advice to people who are trying to break out in the industry?

Haha there are so many new exciting producers coming out every year, so there’s no chance of that! My advice to a newbie is simply this, don’t put your name out there until you are ready, wait till a big label picks you up as it just won’t happen for you otherwise as the competition is just too fierce


7. Which has been your most memorable gig of 2015?


I think closing Paradise 2015 at DC10 b2b with Richy Ahmed.

Russ yallop in itv 3


8. You are playing in India for Halloween! Are you excited to visit us? What have you heard about India and our scene?


I really can’t wait I’ve been looking forward to it all year. I was speaking to Raxon from Noir in Dubai who says he visits India a lot and loves it. He said the scene is right up there with the best destinations in the world.


9. I’m curious to know how you go about producing your tracks. What does your setup look like?


I mainly use Ableton alongside Maschine. I used to use Logic but last year I switched back to Ableton (the time I’d used it was Ableton 6- it’s 9 now) and I haven’t looked back. It’s rapidly sped up how I make music.


10. What’s been your proudest musical achievement to date, and why?


It’d have to be my first EP, ‘I Can’t Wait’ , being picked up by Crosstown as it really was the point that started my career. Both sides charted really well! ‘Rock Me’ , the B-side, reached no.15 on the main Beatport chart when there really wasn’t much like it being sold at that time.


11. Do you have plans to release a standalone artist album?

I’m currently working on an album style project for Avotre. It’s part of their House Lessons series where they showcase an artist by creating a compilation which consists of new original tracks, some new remixes, as well as remixes of the artist’s tracks by producers of their choosing. It’s something I’m very excited about and have really enjoyed doing! Watch out for it… it will be out before Christmas!


12. So, what does an average day in the life of Russ Yallop look like?


Weekdays maybe 10 hours in the studio, followed by the gym and then rewarded with a curry- I’m a little obsessed with Indian food. At weekend’s wherever my travels take me, play the gig and reward myself with a few beers afterwards.. And then a curry the next day :)


13. Lastly, is there anything else that you would like to share with your fans, and our readership, that we may have left out?


Just for any new producers to reach out and hit me up with new material, always on the look out for new artists and have signed a couple of big EPs for Hot Creations over the years.


Russ Yallop performs on 31st October for Halloween By The Pier with Regenerate. Stay tuned for an exclusive mix by Russ for the Euphoric Magazine Podcast

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