Album Review: UNER – Tune 432

by on March 12, 2014



Tune 432

Release- 08-02-2014


Label- Diynamic

Reviewed by Priya Sen. Follow her on Twitter here.


One of the most prolific figures of the new generation, the Spanish smooth operator Uner is making tidal waves on the circuit with a ‘’Newcomer Dj Award’’ in his stride. As a Dj/producer of these contemporary times, he’s already done quite a lot of impressive work with Diynamic Music and also on the high list of renowned performers such as Luciano, Carl Cox and Larent Garnier to drop names. Fresh off winning the ‘’Artist of the Year’’, at Vicious Magazine awards and a packed USA tour dusted off.. Here right now, right hot we really celebrate the latest album release from the Catalonian more than ever, cause it’s sounding absolutely gorgeous.


My ears catch a nice buzz with his first ever artist Album, when the first tune resounds out with the delicious vocalism in ‘’Let Me Introduce Him’’, the track has a languorous, bewitching quality to it’s beats and contains a sun soaked, wispy mist around the multitude bass line. Hissing off quietly in to the next that has a woody atmospheric synth body called- ‘’Sorry You’’ featuring Negra, mixed in with an ampitheatre hollowness and the bushy bass thuds, in to the tinkling pads around the feline Vocals wake you in to a dream like bubbly pads state of mind. Play along to the next synth heavy start in the track ‘’Surfering’’, there’s an elongated sinewy build up which goes in to an organ like pad appearing and disappearing, within a cathedral like tone in the back ground, around scrapes of static kind of haze making this handiwork one of my favorite in the entire album. The melody is just bloody brilliant and I can see the sheerness of Uner’s talent shine through and through. The echoing quality is mesmerizing too. Jump in the shiny rendition of ‘’Stay’’, the tune is fresh and groovy ridden, there’s a slight break and continues it’s march to a whopping sample with tinkles and claps that warrant attention from you. The back end of the tune, has a Vocal in straight form, telling one to stay on top of many things, not necessarily disturbing the entire composition of the track. Screaming in for fair share of it’s melancholic nature is ‘’Undisclosed’’, this one has a forbidding clash and muted thump of the Bass line bumps at you to grind. The accompanying melodic line is just superb to behold and has me smiling at it’s vicious audacity. The twisting pads and synth forms are a clever piece of work from Uner at best and what’s more it fits right in to the album like a glove and with the right sound this ones a big winner. On the other hand ‘’Laderas del Sollube’’, crumbles you with the distortion in the bass, which is breath takingly nice as there after the track has an unhurried ambling along pace in its midst. There’s oodles of tinkle and a jamboree feel to the gong kinda inner line. Breaking down in the middle and dreamy revival sums it up to a nicety. Next up ‘’Tierra Hueca’’, is a triumph of understated class very different from any of the other tunes, containing a driving winding Bass line which works well with the slight muted Vocalism inherent. I can listen to this one forever. ‘’LFO’’ is a supreme cut and the back half of the album reaches it’s artistic peak for me, as this fuses his finesse in not just with trying to fulfill his repertoire with a dance/club Dj/ Producer strain, but something more subliminal and searing. It’s got a rubbery Housey feeling everywhere in the deepness and clapping Bass bearing. A lovely chugging gem!Coasting right under the raciness of ‘’Flying Suns’’, the crystalline top is a beauteous lair of decadent dance. The staccato bursts overlaying on the thudding bass throb and the entire story comes to me in one flourishing go. The acidic deep territory where I want to go again and again and I am in total love. Finishing up with ‘’Van Allen’’ and ‘’Trumpets and Flowers’’ with it’s deep Disco grooves and Vocalism is warm and rounded throughout. An elegant and pastoral feeling engulfs one in to a haze of head bobbing hedonism.


The collaborating artists in this album, do their fair share of attention grabbing work: Peik, LazarusMan, Kafele Bandele and Negra are just outstanding in their artistic contribution. The acoustic musings and analogue sounds used more than bring out Uner’s diversity and intelligent musical sensibilities in this release sparkling with a Joie de Vivre  in spades. Therefore I welcome the luminous strength of Uner in to the electronic dance music space with a drum roll and a three pronged Bugle attack….Tune 432 is a must have!!

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