An Interview with Techno Legend: Oliver Huntemann

by on August 19, 2015

He is without a doubt one of the most influential artists in the modern techno scene, and has been around in this tough scene for decades now. With releases on Sven Vath’s Cocoon imprint, Anthony Rother’s Datapunk and a more than successful collaboration with Dubfire, it is safe to say that the from Hamburg originating Oliver Huntemann is one of the biggest names out there. We talk about his visit to India, his label Senso Sounds and his daily life.


Q1.Hi Oliver, thank you for taking out the time for the interview. You will be visiting India for the second time, a lot has changed here since you last came here. Are you excited?

Of course! I am excited. Last time in India I was playing with Reactable and since then there such a different impression from Europe or anywhere I have been before. Even when you come out of the airport it feels different from the rest of the world. So I am super excited to come back again but now performing my DJ Sets.


Q2. You’re latest EP ‘Schwarzlicht and Filmriss’ just released on your label Senso sounds. What can we expect next from you in terms of productions?

I just finished another single or a part of a another single. Dubfire and I just finished another track however I do not know when it will release as we are waiting for the remixes. I am thinking about starting another album maybe after summer, If I’m in the mood.


Q3. Speaking of Senso sounds, the label has a firm grip on a particular style of Techno. What was your vision when you first started the label?

For me music is still an emotional thing and first of all it is a platform my tracks but also for music I like from other artists. I listen to a track and if it catches me and feels in the heart and fits on Senso , I release it.


Q4. Frisky Radio did a nice feature about your daily life. As you mention you have a very simple yet hectic life. What are the major challenges you face on a daily basis? What has changed since you first got into the business?


The thing is I grew up as well. In the beginning everything was exciting, we did things without thinking about it. Today it has become more professional which I really like. The music still has to catch me but of course most of the parties are becoming more professional, the sound systems are becoming more powerful, the productions don’t sound as flat as they used to be. Everything got more professional and that’s the way. Techno and House music is all about progress and learning something new. So many people like this attitude and that’s why we are still here after more than 20 years.

Q5. Beatport featured 10 of your timeless tracks that are still fresh today. Did you ever anticipate any of your previous productions still have an impact it has today?

I don’t think so much about my previous production because it’s done and I’m looking in to the future. Usually the latest tracks are the best ones but I am never satisfied which is the reason why I keep on working and keep on producing music. So I don’t have a favourite track of mine because it’s a difficult to say since they are my tracks. I am a better judge of music from other people rather than my own stuff.


Q6. Four artist albums under your belt. Any plans for a new one?

As I mentioned earlier, Yes I am thinking about a new one after this summer.


Q7. There are plenty of Indian producers today that have been releasing quality music. Any one Indian artist that caught your eye?


Yes! For instance Arjun Vagale is a very good producer. I met him in Barcelona I think once or twice. He has such good pumping music and I like the attitude he has and is a very nice guy.


Q8. Apart from techno and house, what does Oliver Huntemann listen to in his spare time?

I just bought the new album by Marquee its called ‘Soon’. Its more electronic with natural instruments. I like to listen to more quiet stuff or sometimes I like to lay on my couch with nothing on. I like pass my time without listening to music at all.

Q9. Which has been your favourite venue of all time?

I can only say my favourite venue at the moment is La Fabrica in Cordoba, Argentina. Because its kind of like Berghain but open air. The people are so special in Cordoba and it’s one of my favourite venues to play at.

Q10. Thank you for your time Oliver, we hope you have a great Indian tour and hope to carry this conversation when you get here.

Thank you very much too! Looking forward to coming to India!


Oliver Huntemann performs tonight at Summer House Cafe, Delhi and at Ark Bar, Mumbai on 21st August.

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