Before Krank: Exclusive Interview with Matt Sassari

by on December 18, 2015

Matt Sassari is coming to Goa for Krank 2015 and we managed to have a quick chat with the Frenchman before his visit. With releases on Sci+Tec, Deeperfect, Tronic and many others, the man has been creating beats and basslines that has marked him as the new star of techno. He has collaborations with Ant Brooks, Miguel Bastida, Spencer K or Enrico Sangiuliano and many others. Check out what he has to say below before he visits us next week.


Q1. Hey Matt, thanks for talking to us. Are you excited to play in Goa for Krank next week?

Hey, Yes sure always excited to discover and play another country :)


Q2. I’ve been a huge fan of your sound this entire year. 2015 has been very fruitful for you. What’s your process when you start producing?

Thanks man I usually start with the kick bass then I add some groove element then if it’s sound good i put some fx, pitch, synth etc.


Q3. So you’re from Marseille. Tell us how is the scene back home and what made you get into the techno game?

The scene is my city is more commercial. There is only one club called Spartacus who hosts underground parties, the best in the south of France so far.


Q4. Since this is your first visit to India. What have you heard about our scene? What have you heard about Goa?

I heard that Goa is the Ibiza in India lol. People, there are really receptive to electronic music and the place to party is amazing. Looking forward to discovering this city.


Q5. What was the moment in your career that made you feel like you’ve made it? Which track has the most sentimental value to you?

It was when I started to get gig after gig; in this moment, I was like “Yes I think it can be my job”. So I left my old job and now I can say I’m a DJ/producer lol.

I think the most sentimental track is Disto, which released on Deeperfect because I recorded a vocal with my iPhone just for fun and finally reached the top 10.


Q6. You are now the co-owner of own label ‘Panterre Musique ‘. How hard is it to run a label these days. What difficulties did you face when starting out?

Yeah, it’s really hard to find the time to handle the label effectively. I will try to release more on Panterre for 2016.


Q7. Who in your opinion is an exceptional producer; regardless of any genre?

I think Kaiserdisco win cause they can do anything from techno to tech house you know. They can make music for Drumcode to Suara really with a different sound.


Q8. Are there any other forms of music that you take inspiration from? If yes, how does it affect your production?

I love the sound fx on movies and vocals. So sometimes when I hear something on a video or a movie then I try to rip the sample from them. But when I can’t I try to record it with my voice.


Q9. What kind of gear are you running in your studio right now?

I’m a really simply producer: a soundcard, iMac, headphone for making the tracks and monitoring only for listening music that’s it.


Q10. What tracks are currently working for you on the dance floor?

I’m still playing Oscar l – Alors on danse for a long time, It’s working very well and I’m playing some unreleased secret weapons of course :)


Q12. Lastly, Thanks for your time! Where can people catch you play in Goa next week?

Thanks to you so next week the people can catch me at Krank festival on 29th December on the beach stage :) See you there !!!

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