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Exclusive Interview with Boris

by on September 17, 2015

Boris is well known in the techno circuit as a man who has achieved accolades from humble beginnings. Every DJ works the grind to reach a level Boris has achieved in the past three decades. From being a resident at a local club to a featured artist on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC label, Boris embodies what many of us aspire to be. From his residencies at legendary clubs to releases on some of the top labels, to owning one the hottest labels ‘Transmit’; Boris has certainly come very far. He sat down with us for an exclusive interview to discuss his long career.


Hi Boris, Hope you are well! Thank you for taking out time for the interview. Tell us where are speaking to us from today?

I’m presently speaking from the magic Island of Ibiza after playing at the Mute Boat party that was successful and fun.


Back in 2004, you were the resident at Crobar and then moved to Pacha in 2010. Clearly you have come a long way to become one the most prominent producers in Techno today. Would you like to describe our readers your journey?

Its been a long, fun journey, great journey that I would not trade for anything. I’ve climbed up the ladder the proper way, by earning everything including all my residencies. Of course with music changing ever so frequently you have to stay on top of your game and evolve constantly or you will left behind. So 4 years ago during BPM festival I was listening to Dubfire’s set down there and was inspired with some of the music he was playing, that lead to try to do a record along the lines with the music he was playing, and that record was “ Foul Beats’ that was signed to Sci+Tec and that was the beginning of making change to Techno and the stuff I’m doing today..


You have been the face of NYC nightlife for the longest time. Your sound must have also changed in the process. What was your mantra to stay ahead of the game? 

Like i mentioned, You always have to stay ahead of the game and constantly coming with a fresh  new sound, or you will just be a forgotten DJ all to common in the business. Now a days there are so many DJs and choices for people you have to be ahead.

Today you run one of my favorite labels Transmit. It has been releasing some groovy and hard techno. So far which has been your favourite release? What can we expect more from Transmit recordings? 

We’ve had so many amazing releases that I can’t just name one. But if their is one that i would name it’s my new release “Music Take Me” with supurb remixes from Christian Smith and Hollen. We can expect more consistent solid releases.


You have released on some of the top labels including SCI+TEC and Toolroom. How does 2015 look for you

Exciting as i have some releases out on Intec, Transmit, with some more coming out on Alleanza, Toolroom and others, And presently in the middle of working on another JB project with my bro Jewel Kid


Arjun Vagale is also a regular at Transmit, care to tell us how it all began for the two of you?

Yes besides being a great guy, he’s an awesome talented DJ/Producer that I was a fan of ever since i started hearing his music. So we connected and is a regular on the label with his productions as well his mixes for Transmissions.



‘Believe in Boris’…. Would you like to elaborate?

My first night at Crobar in 2004 there was a ticket sign under the dj booth that allowed you to write all sorts of stuff. So the lighting guy who was my friend (Mike D) all of a sudden wrote “Believe in Boris” going across the DJ booth, and everyone saw that, so it kind of stuck as the brand for our parties after that…

Since you have your roots in nightclubs, what kind of vibe do you prefer today? A festival or a club or a standalone showcase?

I prefer the Club it’s more intimate and  your more in tuned and closer to the people, as to being outside in some park, stadium full of people.. and not to mention i get to play longer and create that journey, whereas festivals are great and all for the exposure to the masses,  your up there playing an hour and a half to 2 hours,  its a tease and not as satisfying as playing extended sets and really working that crowd.


Who are your favourite artists these days? Whose productions are you currently digging right now?

Too many to name now a days because their are so many amazing talented productions. But I would have to say some of the ones that are on Transmit like Richie Santana, Ramiro Lopez, The Junkies, Peter Bailey, D- Unity, Eric Sneo, Arjun Vagale


Apart from Techno, what does Boris listen to in his free time?

Sports Radio, and 80s hahaha, yep


Now I keep getting asked this question by many aspiring producers, ‘How do I get my track signed to a label?’ What is your procedure and preference when you sign a track to Transmit?

I get about 15-20 demos a day, its hard to listen to them all, but i do my best to because you never know which one of those tracks is going to be the bomb. Its happened to before where i signed tracks from someone I never heard of. So if its quality Ill most likely sign it..

Thank you for your time Boris, would you like add something to this interview for our readers?

Thanks to everyone for their continued support, be on the look for some big things in 2015 and beyond.



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