Face to Face with Marcelo Vasami!

by on September 13, 2013

Face to Face with MARCELO VASAMI – Interviewed by Priya Sen


The mixology and divine good looks of Marcelo Vasami is irresistible, as I found myself not too long ago…engulfed in red hot smoky bass lines filtering out from the arena the Argentinian was scorching his audience in. The signature style  of MV’S Progressive House is unequalled by none and my ears are on perpetual vacation when I listen to his productions, remixes or Dj set. Yes folks, he is that unequivocally good. With great excitement I invite the innovator Marcelo to the pages of Euphoric in a first ever exclusive chat, as we delve in to the magical web of the deep sided elitist who boasts of tunes that are as huge as ”Shadows”, ”Remote Templates  & ”Blow” plus he does fantastic business with his remixes for Guy Gerber, Deepfunk, Dousk, Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J to name a few….

1- Hi Marcelo it’s so good to finally get down to talking with you about your musical career. I was fortunate to hear you play at Sunburn 2012 in India and your set was full of luscious Progressive, Underground beauties. What drew you to this specific sound?

MV- Since I first started listening to electronic music, I’ve always leaned more towards the underground and within my influences; always predominantly artists whose common denominator is a really dark sound. Nowadays I find myself working on that dark sound mixed with a little bit more of melody.

2- Is the Argentinian club scene leaning towards the kind of electronic dance music you play, or is there a commercial side to it that you needed to break in to when you were starting out?

MV- Fortunately in Argentina the underground clubs are more predominant than the commercial ones, therefore I was always able to respect my sound, taking it towards I had the intention to do so from the beginning.

3- Buenos Aires your home town…how’s the gig scene for you; or do you travel abroad more often than to perform in your city?

MV- At this point most of my gigs are in Buenos Aires, though I travel a lot round Argentina where the scene is not less important. I also travel abroad, and that’s something I like the most of this job because it gives me the opportunity of knowing the crowd and cultures from other parts of the world.

You’ve had quite a high end number of releases with several prestigious Record labels such as Replug, Afterglow, Stripped, Off Side and Frisky to name some. Are you happy with the way these names have dedicated their attention to the darker Progressive, sometimes moody/ intimate vibe you spread with your brand of musicality. Secondly, don’t you think all of the labels need to push these sounds more vehemently to make a mark on many untouched territories, as to my mind there are huge gaps to explore with this sound?


MV- I think that in the labels I worked and have in mind for the future, focus towards the style of music I do, I feel really comfortable with their work and the way they distribute the music. As for your second question, I feel that the labels are doing a great job and it’s only a matter of time to reach those territories that haven’t been touched yet.

4- What is a typical day in Marcelo Vasami’s life, when you’re not traveling for shows?

MV- When I’m not travelling for shows, my main activity is in the studio. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, to hang around, go out to listen to other artists, to distract and open my mind, letting new information in as these activities are all triggers of inspiration for me.

Tell us of your radio show on Frisky by the name of ‘Inception’ what are the specifics that go in to this program?

MV- Basically, the idea of my radioshow “Inception” is to show the music I use nowadays at my gigs mixed with tracks I like a lot but cannot play at clubs. There are times I use live sets from nights that were special for me, being able to share it with people that didn’t have the chance to be there.

In the current lot of DJs/ Producers other than yourself, is there anyone internationally who has impressed you the most and hold in high regard. Also, I hear over the grapevine that there may be possibilities of collaboration with an artist here in India?

MV- Guy J, Ryan Davis, Lanny May, Martin Garcia are artists I’m always impressed by. I love the constant evolution their sound have without getting out their roots, it’s always great to listen to their new material as they are nowadays a big influence for me. It’s true what you’ve heard over the grapevine haha, we have in mind with my friend Praveen (Achary) to do one or several tracks in future but for now it’s only an idea, hopefully to come true really soon.


5- What can you tell us of your own forthcoming releases& remixes, which labels are these tracks going to feature in and when?

MV- I’ve been working on a lot of remixes through 2012 and beginnings of 2013, many of which are about to come out on sale in the next months. An original track of mine with a remix by Deepfunk on Moonchild Records goes on sale in July. Recently I signed an EP for a new sub label of Movement Records with two originals and two remixes, with no release date yet.

6- Which of your own productions are you particularly kicked about currently, can you name one?

MV- Blow is one of the originals I like the most, I’ve been using it for a few months and the crowd reaction each time I play it is really good. Blow will be included in the EP that will go out on the Movement Records sub label.

7- Marcelo you have an array of remix work for an enviable number of names such as Sasha, Guy J, Dousk, Deepfunk, HernanCattaneo to drop some… having said that I’d like to pick the MV Remix of ‘Steady’ a Guy Gerber original as hitting the brains with a much slinky bending bass line and melodic power. What was your mind set while putting your stamp on this one?

MV- To be honest I liked the original very much, when I saw the remix contest on Beatport I didn’t hesitate to download the parts and started working on it. I loved the result so I decided to put it as a free download on my Soundcloud profile. Each time I make a non official remix or a bootleg sooner or later, I like to share it with my followers, I feel it’s a nice way of showing appreciation for the support they give to my job.

8- Do you have any kind of style statement while you’re at a gig?

MV- I’m usually friendly with the crowd, mostly at the beginning of a set I’m more focused and once I feel comfortable in the booth with what I’m doing, I start interacting a bit more with people in general.

9- What format do you play on and also is it cause for concern with you when lots of guys out there play an inferior MP3 which obviously offers up a loss in quality sound. What do you have to say on this?

MV- I always try to play in the best quality sound, whether it’s WAV or AIFF but if in punctual cases I use mp3 it’s a must to use it in 320kpbs. As for the others, it’s up to them the quality of sound they prefer to use.

10- The new generation of Djs are quite trigger happy with the use of Ableton Live, Traktor and the very popular digital mixing software of Pioneer’s Rekordbox to lighten their load vis a vis the days of Vinyls or carrying CDs around; as evolution it’s stupendous…having said that do you think the Dj loses a probable learning of instincts or the beauty of building a set up for a journey, as it can become too much technology driven?

MV- Personally I feel that technology doesn’t interfere in the way you build a set. I’ve passed through several formats for playing music, such as vinyls, cds and now pendrives and the way of developing my set have always been the same. Maybe nowadays it’s easier to put two tracks on time or looping a track, but the soul of a set is in the way it’s developed, independently of the source of reproduction.


11- Nowadays people are choosing to buy individual tracks instead of a full album release as trends go, can you give us your views on a day in future that buying albums may become extinct. Ever thought of this?

MV- Sincerely, I’ve never thought about it that way. From my point of view, it’s very difficult to lose the selling of full albums, as an album is put together with an artistic purpose that a lot of people still values. The experience of listening to the whole album gives to it much more sense on to the tracks themselves.


12- What’s the MV show guide looking like in the next few months, where all are you slated to perform?

MV- During the month of June I have everything covered to play in Buenos Aires and around. I have some upcoming dates in Paraguay and Chile and we’re also working on a mini tour round Europe before the end of their summer.

13- As an avid follower of your work and Dj sets, I’m the voice for many who would like to have you back in India for an extensive tour. Would you be excited to conquer this unknown landscape and what are your impressions of this country from the last visit when you played in Goa? Muchas gracias for talking to us at Euphoric

MV- First of all, I’d love to return to India to make the most of an extensive tour as and when it’s possible haha. The first time I’d been there was only for some days and wasn’t enough to realize how much I would like to go back. I was lucky to play at the Sunburn festival and at a club in Goa. The energy over there was amazing in both the festival and the club. Although both sets were not too long, I was able to feel the excellent feedback on my sound, I can’t wait to go back. Thank you very much for the interview, hope to see you really soon!

And we thank him enough to have taken time out to share his thoughts with us as a first timer in the pages of the magazine. Onwards to approximating Vasami’s talent is fool hardy as he looms large over the electronic dance music industry and his brand of crisp digitalism puts him as a cut above the rest. MV gets together a rather expansive landscape of hypnotic bass lines and sturdy rhythms that are unforgettable in its intelligent dance floor attitude.

Marcelo Vasami is fresh, fine and full of funtastic tunes in his fiercesome artillery and we can’t wait to see him in the not too distant future in India as he continues his march over the international borders.  Underground and cute equals to perfect combo!!

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