How Vh1 Supersonic’s Homegrown Lineup played a vital role in creating the perfect vibe

by on January 4, 2015

How Vh1 Supersonic’s Homegrown Lineup played a vital role in creating the perfect vibe

Every year, when a big festival introduces it’s lineup, we wait with baited breath to see who the headliners are, and the more recognisable acts. Somewhere along the large list of names, there, in the fine print are some smaller, yet equally talented names that we give a once over, and maybe forget about. However, during the announcement of the lineups, Vh1 Supersonic made sure that the focus was not just on the big International acts, but the local talent as well.


At the second edition of Vh1 Supersonic, the local artists shared as much of stage time as the international ones, and despite some of them having a much earlier timeslot, they played with full gusto and set the tone for the day’s festivities. The Laboratorie stage opened bright and early at 1pm, and even though it was one of the earliest timeslots, the DJs who graced the console gave it their all and whoever attended those opening sets were full of praises for them.


What struck a chord at Vh1 Supersonic was the amount of support the local artists received from all the festival goers, some who braved the scorching heat and the blazing sun to stand front and centre to catch artists like Calm Chor, Praveen Achary, Aneesh Gera, Twokid Wickid, Answer, Akshit Shetty who opened the 4 days of festivities. I was lucky enough to catch most of these guys and each one could have well been given a sunset, or a later slot – their sets were right on point.


But, all of the local artists didn’t finish up bright and early. Pearl, Tuhin Mehta, Nawed Khan, KAOS, Ash Roy (Who did a B2B with Jesse Heartthrob) and Arjun Vagale went on to play much later in the evening and their sets drew a great crowd. Some of the attendees were first time listeners, and each of them had the same notion that all of them were as brilliant, if not better than their international counterparts.


Giving the local artists an earlier timeslot is equally, if not more important. They are the ones that set the tone and create the vibe for the day and most importantly, at a large festival setting people get to hear them give it their all. The fact that they played at Vh1 Supersonic shows that they have immense talent and are the right fit for a festival that is about creating a happy vibe and making sure everyone has a smile on their face. With the balance of acts this year, all the local artists brought something unique and it was because of the support from you festival goers, did they have an amazing time and that they can, soon, grace the International events.


Homegrown talent can only grow and get even better if there is support from all of you. So this year, you came in full force to show your love for these immensely talented artists – some who may have been on the scene for just a short period of time and some, who have been around much longer. I hope that in the years that follow you come out in even bigger numbers and know that it isn’t just about the headliners, but these amazing homegrown artists, that make the festival what it is – a fun and happy place to be where each artist, no matter how big or small is equally vital in creating a positive and wonderful vibe for each and every one of you attending.

Picture Credits: Ashish Parmar Photography

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