Macromism: Goa has a very important rave past and present; this will be emotional for us.

by on December 24, 2014

Before we all set off to Goa, We at Euphoric Magazine chatted with Macromism before they are set to perform at Krank 2014! We talk about their plans in 2015, Goa and much more!

Q1. Hi Mattia and Eugenio how’s it going? Tell us what part of the world are you in right now?

Hi guys, thanks for asking, all good here. Actually we are in Italy in our hometown Padova

Q2. Mattia you have already visited India for your debut tour earlier this year, tell us how was your experience in India?

It was a strong impactful experience. I was in india for 1 week and I was totally in love with the energy around me, I mean the energy from the nature and from all the people. I met a lot of nice people and I received a lot of affection so definitely the experience was great

Q3. You guys hail from Italy, we recently have seen many producers such as Phil Kieran, Par Grindvik, Fabrizio Maurizi, Gel Abril, Joseph Capriati who have shot to fame in the recent past. How is the techno scene in Italy and how is it compared to the rest of the world?

In Italy there are a lot of good techno producers, from Naples to Turin.

There are also a lot of good musicians that no one knows that are from Italy.

For example Eugenio and I, we are Italians but we are known by our name Macromism, we don’t expect that everybody would know that. Haha

Q4.You have released tracks on some of the top labels such as Suara, SCI+TEC and Kling Klong. What can we expect from Macromism in 2015?

We are ready for 2015. we have scheduled a new EP on “Moan” with 2 amazing remixes and we will also be working on a remix for this guy called ”Dennis Ferrer”. So definitely our 2015 will start in the right way

Q5. India gets to see you again in Goa at Krank 2014, We are mighty excited! What are your expectations from Goa and what kind of set can people expect from you guys this time around?

We can’t wait to be there, for sure Goa has a very important rave past and present; this will be so emotional for us.

People can expect  a groovy pumping techno set!

Q6. Apart from Techno/Tech House, what other genres interest Macromism?

We follow a lot of genres and sub-genres from house to techno for discover cool tracks and also a lot of things from the past. Digging is very important to play something different and to make more personal sets.

Q7. What are some of your favorite Italian producers, both established and upcoming talents?

In Italy we have great producers, I will not mention anyone because then I’d have to fill the whole sheet ehehe.

About the new talent….mmm….for sure Alli Borem is one of the youngest and solid DJ/Producer that I met .

Q8. What are your top 10 tracks that destroy the dance floor for you?

This is our december selection but dont expect only these tracks guys during our set

1-stiv&amp vallo – overthinking

2-Adam beyer – you are the same (truesoul)

3-gardens of god – fiddler (ellum)

4-Paul ritch-pulse (sci+tec)

5-Tony dee – Noise of shadow(Macromism remix) (transmit recordings)

6-Florian meindl – 100k

7-Leyton giordani – keep on

8-Nico cabeza – Sancta (tronic)

9-Yotam avni – ur sleeping (be as one)

10-waFF– freeks (cocoon)


Q9. How is your studio setup? Which is your favourite DAW and hardware to use?

We have 2 Monitors: Yamaha hHS70 ,a Motu audio device, midi keyboards and some others midi controllers from Akai to Evolution




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