Interview with Tara Putra Part 2

by on July 30, 2012

The Project starts as a three-headed Psytrance-Liveact launching in the mid-’90s, performing at several german Goa/Psytrance Parties and open airs. Their first single appears in 2001 called “Dua Orang”, initiating a view releases on various compilations. In 2005 Spiritual Beings Records released the album “Groom Mountains” produced by Marcus which primary contains Psytrance, but also Tara Putra’s first Ambient, Chillout and Dub tracks. The EP “Hidden Sense” pops up in 2010. This displays the projects future development with Psybient and Psydub – Creating space and psychedelic atmospheres in a dubby ambiance. 

Here is a sequel to the Tara Putra interview from our July, 2012 Issue


What is future Tara Putra gonna sound like?


Mostly, the tracks will be heavily influenced by dub sounds but somehow it’s difficult for me to define the sound well. Right now, I’m also producing some Ambient tunes as well as Psybient. It’s hard to predefine a genre, because there are boundless possibilities. The upcoming release together with a friend from Gliese Rec. will be nothing but dub, including some Ambient tracks.


What are your music influences? Are you trained in music? What about Sound engineering?


There are too many influences to be mentioned. I’m listening to a lot of styles and different genres ranging from Ambient, Psybient, Darkpsy, Dub, Reggae to Indian Classic and Eastern European sound or Arabic music among many others.

I’m an autodidact without musical education, only trained by myself. It’s good to try new musical oddities as often as possible.

Analogue or Digital?


Digital. Since I have a new computer on my desk all of the work was created internally. But it’s a question of money and time as well. When we had played live, a lot of analogue synthesizer had been used. Their sound is amazing and it’s fun to have your hands on various control knobs. But if time is limited or if you want (or need) to build a practical idea quickly a digital environment is brilliant.


Interviewed by Harsha Vardhan

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