Moments – Guy Mantzur Reviewed by Priya Sen

by on January 2, 2014

Moments – Guy Mantzur Reviewed by Priya Sen. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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It’s fair to say that Tel Aviv based Dj/Producer Guy Mantzur’s meteoric rise in the electronic dance music scene is more than established, as his vision is both electric and contemporary. The superiority in the sounds he plays, gob-smackingly obvious. Here’s a Dj with oodles of class and the warmth of his lustrous underground productions, here to stay… Apart from releasing under fabulous labels such as Lost & Found, Renaissance, not to forget his own Plattenbank Records imprint, he holds a residency at the fantastic and renowned “The Cat and The Dog’’ nightclub as well. But what’s got my attention currently is the full frontal mood setting of his newest album by the name of “Moments’’, releasing with Sudbeat for the very first time, the grandest and most impressive label to hit my nerves, might I add.

Guy Mantzur is hot and heavy as his first ever album mix opens up slowly with a bubbling under intro only to fearlessly merge in with the beautous “Moments Become Endless Time’’ alongside Khen fea. Kamila, which to me is the tune of the season… The echoing vocal is just chill inducing and moves something deep inside on top of the thickish bass line, that never lets you down. An atmospheric quality of the inside is too bloody mesmerizing and from the break down to it’s progression upwards, is gloriously wanton. Followed up with the gigantic collaboration with Stephan Bazbaz- “All Over Music’’ gets me grooving all over the place. This particular Mantzur tune has been doing great damage on floors world-wide; masterfully fat and has real guts in it’s slightly bending Bass line, full of ear defining machismo. After the dip in the middle it just fastens one up in it’s melodic interior, the cascading shimmer is so pretty and there’s no escape from this diamond. Right in to the mind numbing goodness of “Blackout Station’’, another absolute favorite of mine. The peculiar trappings of the track is pulsating with the use of two different melodic samples bending in to one another. Thereafter it’s got enough thudding bass gore in it’s sequence, making it hauntingly underground fodder. The next heavy duty tune leaves one with another super star of our times Sahar Z, giving Mantzur ample cryptonite- “Moon Launch’’, this one is the breather and organ like in it’s bearings. Not neccessarily what I was looking for but has enough attitude to fit in, in the mix. Having misjudged it early, the latter half of the tune gets me swaying. Diving head long in to Mantzur’s take with the ridiculously talented Guy J for- “All In’’, I swear to Batman this one is unbearably intense, and has my full thumbs up. Grabbing your hips and more importantly your feet in to a whirl wind of real rhythms, accompanied with a breakdown that spells trouble for your mind… instantly. It brings me to resembling a happy dodo, with the rest of the tune getting trippy as hell. Only to hurry over with the slinky- “How Long Is Now’’, a triumph at best of Mantzur’s work. The clunky melancholic 0but mind you, the tune has every hiss of a coiled snake. “Cumple Suenos’’, gears me up with it’s chopping, perky synth stabs and frigidly fuming Bass line. The track has a belching exterior that jumps at you with it’s nasty underground rave face. I love thee!!

“Necessity’’- carries on bravely in the mix, with a hypnotic strain on it. There’s genuine overlay of delayed drums kinda effect and the Bass skids along. Oddly enough, there’s a melody pattern that is marvelously fused in and twists the tune up in a trance like vibe, beautiful work this one. Marching right in to the slow rising chords of “We Are What We Are’’, it’s a dark down with a raciness that ends up twisting ones brains with a deep melody, endless whooshing taking us to a bright place tailor made for dancing and frolicking. Hyper inching in to “Instagram’’, which to my mind comes off as a viscuous undulating mass, driving forcefulness of columns filled with Bass and laid back clicks nicely cohorting with a skranking melodic middle that builds in to a sputtering wallop. “Outro’’ in the last few minutes acts as a relaxed respite from the strangle hold of Guy Mantzur’s vast talent of a mind. Only lip-smacking lovely…

A sonic oasis of brilliant sounds brought to us and we can only be gladdened at the audacity, myriad moods and variations in work, Guy is a virtuoso of. The album is unputdownable and is bound to be one of the most fully realized dance experiences to grace your stereos this year. Proof is positive that Guy Mantzur stands alone as the rightful heir of underground shapes and I predict that in the future will leave a legacy of work, quite outstanding… What a delightful way to nearly end 2013; “Moments’’ is a must buy!!



01?Guy Mantzur – Intro

02?Guy Mantzur & Khen feat. Kamila – ­Moments Becoming Endless Time

03?Guy Mantzur & Stephan Bazbaz – All Over Music (Album Version

04?Guy Mantzur – Blackout Station

05?Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Moon Launch

06?Guy Mantzur & Guy J – All in

07?Guy Mantzur – How Long Is Now

08?Guy Mantzur – Cumple Sue?os

09?Guy Mantzur – Necessity

10?Guy Mantzur – This is Mayhem

11?Guy Mantzur – We Are What We Are

12?Guy Mantzur – Instagram

13?Guy Mantzur – Outro

14?Guy Mantzur & Khen feat. Kamila – ­Moments Becoming Endless Time (Dub Mix)

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