9 Tracks That Should Actually Dominate 2015

by on June 2, 2015

Over the past couple of weeks quite a lot of publications have whipped out listicles citing their favourite hot-off-the-oven 2015 releases, tracks that are most likely to dominate this season at Ibiza and what not. Peppered with the usual suspects, I found most of these selections extremely stale barring the odd exception. The majority consisted of label-mongering, big premiere, ‘out there’ sort of tracks, which have already spawned massive traction on social media due to skilful marketing ploys and are consequently sitting high up on the “venerable” Beatport throne. I’m the kind of person who gets put off if I hear too much of a tune, you know, how once something becomes too available it loses its charm? Radio tunes are the last thing I want to hear my favourite DJs play out if I’m going to spend a small fortune jetting myself off to the Balearic Islands. Disappointment coupled with bouts of wishful thinking coaxed me into compiling a list of my very own. Here’s my choice of 9 tracks that should actually dominate 2015 or at least I hope that they will:


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Röyksopp – You Know I Have To Go (Spieltape Edit)

Norwegian duo Royksopp have spawned more remixes of their originals than the entire population of Tromsø. Joris Voorn’s mix of ‘I Had This Thing’ has found itself on perpetually every hotter-than-your-average 2015 list. Personally, I found it to be a rather lackadaisical production from Voorn. If I had to pick my favourite 2015 remix of a Royksopp track, it would have to be Spieltape’s harmonious rendition of ‘You Know I Have To Go’. His mix remains reverent to the original song’s melancholia and though it’s a slow jam, I can see it working its way into a classy early evening set quite beautifully. The song is freely up for grabs on his Soundcloud page by the way. Don’t say I never gave you anything.



  1. Howling – Signs (Rødhåd Remix)

Howling have been on quite the juggernaut when it comes to striking releases. I really can’t think of a reason to dispute the selection of A?me’s stunning remix of ‘Stole The Night’ on these lists. However, I must confess my surprise at finding out that it pipped Rødhåd’s beastly version of ‘Signs’ on its way up the ladder. So much dance is neatly packaged in between the gritty layers of this massive tune. I would name it my first choice among the two on any given day.

  1. Ripperton – Let’s Fall (Agnès Funztfunk Bazar Mixx)

The third output from Ripperton on his analogue focused label Tamed Musiq came in the form of the trilogy ‘Headless Ghost’. The first track ‘Let’s Fall’ makes no attempt to disguise its mechanical origins keeping things brutally raw and industrial. It was a tough pick between Deetron’s bounce laden futuristic version and Agnes’ languid rolling interpretation. While the original features staccato samples and some solid pounding bass, Agnes alters the chops into a lazy rhythm perfect for those sundown sessions by the beach contextually giving it a slight edge over Deetron’s take of the same.


  1. Hunter/Game – Genesis (Ripperton Remix)

It’s no mystery that I’m a huge Hunter/Game fan. I have been keenly tracking everything that’s being churned out by their young label Just This. Genesis is one such atmospheric gem. It was love at first listen and I have been elated to see it stealthily crawl into the playlists of many perpetrators of the pure underground sound. So much of calculated cool should be criminal! Seriously, one of the most awe inspiring productions of the year I’d say and Ripperton adding his Midas touch only as you’d expect him to.


  1. Beacon – Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix)

There is practically nothing Dauwd has ever released that I have not adored. ‘Fault Lines’ is a goosebump inducing beauty from Beacon. It’s a tale constructed out of beautiful lyrics and has such a hauntingly deep quality to it that it tugs on your heart strings in all the right ways. This is one of those early evening tracks that transform you into marionette, softly unfurling your limbs as you swish-sashay in synchronicity with the ocean waves.


  1. Soul Clap ft. Dayonne Rollins – So Sedated

I cannot get enough of this dirty little number from Soul Clap. The track spells intoxication. Alcohol fuelled nights of hedonism should culminate inside dark rooms with your lovers (yes, plural) and this downtempo, groove dripping piece of audio porn. Major diggings on the disco-ey guitar solo. The drawn out arabesque keys and cosmic synth lines form the perfect backdrop to Dayonne Rollins’ sultry vox. Four minutes of absolute seduction. Ah.


  1. Bak & Lindemann – Space They Cannot Touch

Nobody has heard of these guys but I think they are one of the artists that will quickly break through into the scene with a production sensibility that absolutely belies their experience. Can’t keep true talent hidden for long, right? I highly recommend a listen through of their entire discog. Bak & Lindemann are tasteful purveyors of journeys through beautiful sonic landscapes and ‘Space They Cannot Touch’ is one such glowing example. I really wish with all my heart that their music finds a place in the sets of some of the bigwigs this season.


  1. Jey Kurmis & Shannon – Franchica

I haven’t really enjoyed any new releases from the Hot Creations camp this year except…Jey Kurmis. And by that I mean everything he makes. EVERYTHING. Unfussed, uncomplicated and laced with unadulterated groove, his music is a weapon to make even the most jaded souls move. Proper summertime jam, this one is. Digital release already please! Nevertheless, I’m sure he’ll get plenty of play time at the Ibiza Paradise parties. Jamie Jones just loves to tease us with upcoming tracks several months before their actual release. Tsk.


  1. KiNK – Cloud Generator

One track on which I think we can all unanimously agree. Just listen. I needn’t say more.


Tonnes more I’d like to add in but I see I’ve surpassed my one thousand words. Nobody is going to bother to read further up anyway so peace out and enjoy these cuts – my sense of what Ibiza should really sound like this year.


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