After Hot Creations, Jamie Jones and Lee Foss launch their new record label ‘Emerald City’

by on March 9, 2015

Since launching Hot Creations in 2010 Jamie and Lee have proved to maintain impeccable A&R skills, delivering music to a wider audience and carving out a distinctive sound, which has paved the way for a new scene and set precedent for so much to follow. Naturally, the sound of label has constantly been evolving so a decision was made to start a new imprint to focus on the more crossover, vocal-led releases.

“I was forced take a bit of a break after suffering a serious back injury, which gave me a chance to rethink my direction and update my sound. I’m happy to be back with fresh content and to be working with guys like Jamie and Lee, who believe in the record. It has been quite hard keeping this tune under wraps as everyone who has heard it has been begging for a copy, so I’m very excited to finally be able to share it with everyone. Working on this track has been a real pleasure for myself and everyone involved. From Camille’s vocals and Damiano’s help with the lyrics, everybody certainly brought their own element of magic to the table for this one.” – Serge Devant

‘Fearing Love (Club Mix)’ is set to be an anthem of 2015, with deep pads, shimmering synth lines and stunning vocals from Camille Safiya. On the B-side, Jamie and Lee add their signature groove to their remix. The release is complete with fantastic artwork by Peter Nudo @newdough

o+ Honing his craft at legendary nightclubs such as Tunnel, Limelight and Crobar in New York from the late 90s, Serge Devant wowed fans night after night with his compelling and dynamic sets. In 2008 he signed a deal with Ultra Records and released two albums. After releasing the first album in 2009 featuring the huge ‘Addicted’, Serge began touring the world and forging a name for himself across the globe. Coming from an urban background Camille Safiya makes her first venture into the world of dance music. After hearing her voice, Serge instantly fell in love and and a couple of weeks later they recorded the track.


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