Eats Everything Releases Compilation, Announces Boiler Room at Local Chip Shop + Phonica In Store Gig

by on January 27, 2015

Eats Everything Releases Compilation, Announces Boiler Room at Local Chip Shop + Phonica In Store Gig

Watch the Boiler Room session live here on 28/1/15 – – 1700-1900 GMT (invite at the bottom of email)

Eats Everything will be playing a live gig in store at Phonica, London on 29/1/15, 1930-2100 – for event details please see:


Hypercolour proudly present the very first commercial mix compilation from dance music titan, Eats Everything. A mouth watering, two course audio menu awaits you on ‘Fries With That?’, a 130 minute romp through the Eats Everything record box.

The Main Course features an à la carte selection of music that’s been floating the boat of Eats AKA Dan Pearce, over the last couple of years, as his ascendency through the ranks of dance music’s top players has been as deserved as it has been rapid. Tunes that have been tried and tested in all four corners of the globe, as the Eats juggernaut has ploughed through countless parties, clubs and festivals, from Ibiza to the USA, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and back to his home city of Bristol.

It’s a mix that showcases his inventive and quick fire style of DJing, always busy on the mixer as he works the tracks like a true burger flipper. Digging deep into his record box, hi-lights include entries from scene stalwarts Radio Slave, Herbert and Mr. G, new talent in the shape of Oushe, Decius and Little By Little, and a handful of vintage house from the likes of Flux Mode (AKA Nick Holder & Marcus Turcotte), S.W.A.T. (AKA DJ Rasoul) and Kingpin Cartel.

And if you’ve still room for pudding (and hey, who doesn’t) then Eats Everything serves up the Dessert, a generous portion of sweet and sticky anthems that have influenced and shaped the Eats sound and style we know today.  From his early days DJing in Bristol’s dark and salubrious nightspots, to his regular visits to London’s harder house nights like Trade at Turnmills (RIP), Eats dusts off the vinyl collection to bring us a big whopper of a classics mix. A healthy dose of vintage NYC trax are included here, from The Creator Session, The Kick Junkie, Doug Lazy and Millennium (AKA Jose Nunez), as are a couple of pivotal tracks that point us in the direction of Eats’ techno leanings, namely (LFO man) G-Man’s ‘Quo Vadis’ and the raw drum machine vibes of the DBX remix of Robotman (AKA Richie Hawtin’s early 90s alias).  Big chunky rollers from Aleem and Mambo keep things swinging, and the whole thing is topped off with the calorific classic vibes of Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley’s 90’s return to form; ‘The Word Is Love’.

Eats Everything explains further; “These mixes have been a labour of love for me, and something that I really wanted to get across in the right way. Disc One is a collection of records that I am really feeling at the moment and hope will stand the test of time as a mix CD that you can listen to for years to come, whilst Disc Two is basically a collection of ‘my classics’, either records I grew up with, ones that got me into house/techno, or I have discovered along the way and have become classics to me, even if I have only known them for a short while….”

After consuming this lot, you will be loosening your belts and contemplating joining Weight Watchers,  but savour that satisfyingly full sensation and if you’re man or woman enough, go back in for a second helping….

HYPECD003_sleeve_final copy (low res)

1. Neville Watson – Red Light Fever
2. Flux Mode – Tumba
3. S.W.A.T. – Rites Of Passage
4. Arun Verone – The Coming (Keep It Coming)
5. Joeski – Mind Body & Soul
6. Herbert – Got To Be Movin’ (On The Dancefloor)
7. Tusqavna – We Don’t Know You (Silicone Soul Remix)
8. Nikola Gala – The Phunk
9. Oushe – Daveena
10. Little By Little – Stress
11. Quell – The Regular
12. Radio Slave – Repeat Myself
13. Daniel Trim – Asimo
14. Mr. G – Mangos In Season
15. Roberto – First Principles (Eats Everything’s Derrick Carter – Where Ya At Acapella & Synthapella Mash up Reebeef)
16. Decius – Gay Futures
17. Kingpin Cartel – Ghetto

1. Korda – Move Your Body (To The Sound)
2. The Creator Session – Body & Soul
3. Djaimin – Open The Door (DJ Shorty Zanzibar Stomper Mix)
4. Jump – Funkatarium
5. G.O.D LTD – Untitled
6. The Kick Junkie – Kick It In (Wicked Mix)
7. G-Man – Quo Vadis
8. Robotman – Never (DBX Mix)
9. PMT – Gyromancer
10. Doug Lazy – Rollin On (SPS Dub)
11. Aleem – Filtri Organi (Main Mix)
12. Jose Nunez – Mama Love (Original Mix)
13. Mambo – Do You Want Me Do You Want Me (Mudmens Dirty Mix)
14. Voices of Life – The Word Is Love (Silk’s Anthem Of Life)

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