Review: Rennie Foster / JGarrett – Soda Cracker / Waterworks (4/5)

by on February 21, 2015

Rennie Foster / JGarrett


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Rennie Foster / JGarrett – Soda Cracker / Waterworks (4/5)

Based out of Vancouver, recently acquainted Josh Garrett and Rennie Foster came together to take us back to the roots of techno. 3 of the 4 tracks on the EP are relentless and bring one word to the mind, ACID! ‘Soda Cracker’ seems a little out of place but as an individual track it might catch your fancy.

Rennie Foster – Soda Cracker (Original Mix) The vocal sounds like it was taken from a rock song (at least to me). I have to admit its different but a tad bit too repetitive for my liking. Go crazy if this one’s for you

Rennie Foster – Call The Sun (Amir Alexander’s Stripdown Remix) Want to go back in time? This one’s a time machine. Its got a dreamy start and yet very slowly and steadily it takes you on a journey. Just close your eyes and listen. A nice early hours or transitional track with the way it picks up.

JGarrett – Waterworks (Original Mix) This track is quiet literally like waterworks….so fluid. The analog synths give it an awesome bassy feel if that’s even a word 😛 The twisted tweaked sounds are so demented, they will give you goosebumps. Could very well have been a classic, groovy with those killer stabs.

JGarrett – Fuel Core Recovery (Sean Deason Remix) Fuel Core alright. Definately no recovering from this one. Very raw. Even more edgy. There’s a great synth on the track and I love how it is quick in pace. A very pleasant build up to the end and somehow among all the madness there is still a sweet melody. Definitely my favourite!


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