Review + Stream: Catz ‘N’ Dogz – Basic Colour Theory – An Experimental Journey in Intelligent Dance Music (5/5)

by on March 4, 2015

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To expand your musical taste in electronica, get this album and be taken on a journey that isn’t just melodic, it is thought-provoking.


Review: Catz ‘N’ Dogz – Basic Colour Theory – An Experimental Journey in Intelligent Dance Music (5/5)

Basic Colour Theory’ is the third studio album by the Polish duo Catz N’ Dogz and it is a revelation in terms of pushing the boundaries in electronic music.

The duo, already having several accolades under their belt, decided to explore other forms of electronica and not categorize this album under one specific genre. With evocative vocals, and powerful melodies, the album highlights a creative, thought-provoking process that comes from months of research and understanding the science behind the music.

Each of the 15 tracks that make up the album is a creative process – with each element carefully thought out and each vocal complimenting the melodies perfectly. In each track, you will hear the Catz ‘N’ Dogz signature bassline, however, each of the melodies are beautifully constructed to give the tracks a distinctive feel.

The opening track, titled “Good Touch” with the vocals of Egle Sirvydyte is laid back and showcases the full length and breadth of the duo’s carefully thought out experimental process. Egle’s vocals are sultry and give off a very sensuous vibe. As an opening track, it gives you a precursor to what you may expect off the album.

Each of the 15 tracks are unique and push the envelope of intelligent dance music. You aren’t going to find big build ups and drops in this album – instead, you will be transported into a journey filled with experimental melodies, luscious vocals and some intricate soundscapes, all which are equally highlighted in every track.

The duo has brought on Green Velvet for “Keep On”, which is a slightly more up-tempo track. The vocals are deep and slightly distorted but the entire track gives off a very grotto like jazz vibe, once again showing the creative capabilities of the duo. Pushing the electronica envelope further, “Open Door” featuring Cloud Boat encapsulates a more indie-electronica feel and the vocals match perfectly with the atmosphere they’ve created with this track. “The Solution” on the other hand, although has a lot of floaty elements works perfectly into a peak-time set and the basslines are highlighted in this track which come forth at perfect moments in this track.

Another track that stands out is with Peter, Bjorn and John titled “From Your Heart” and it samples some ‘80’s soundscapes and even the vocals have a classic feel to it. There are distinct electronica influences that tie in with the 80’s like sounds and once again, it shows how vast and varied the duo has experimented with the album.

To say this album is a technical masterpiece would be an understatement. Understanding how each track has been so carefully put together, and how much thought has gone into putting this album together is what really stands out for me personally. The research, creative process and the fact that the duo have broken away from putting this album under one particular genre is what makes this one of the most sought after albums of the year.






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