Review: Jaap Ligthart Feat Alice Rose – I Know Change (4.5/5)

by on April 7, 2015

Jaap Ligthart Feat Alice Rose



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Selador has always focused on quality rather than quantity, so it comes as no surprise that their releases are not as frequent as some labels, because they explore and discover artists that put a lot of thought and skill into their productions.


Selador, the independent underground label spearheaded by Dave Seaman & Steve Parry, may be a label that is just two years young, but they have built quite the repertoire of artists, and their 24th release is one by Dutchman Jaap Jigthart titled “I Know Change”, which has Alice Rose on vocals.

The original – which is pure Deep House goodness, in every sense of the word, showcases Jaap’s diversity in production. Alice Rose, a vocalist who has featured on tracks by Gabriel Ananda, as well as Eagles & Butterflies, complements this track perfectly with very intense and sensuous vocals. There’s a late night vibe in this track and you’ll begin to really feel it once you absorb the vocals and the melodies.

Remixes offered are by him_self_her & Show-B, both who have delivered exquisite, polished and different interpretations of the already stellar original.

Him_self_her have added a heightened level of sophistication to their remix. With dark and moody undertones, they’ve made the vocals sound a lot more sensuous. Both vocals and melodies work together beautifully and the darker tones come nicely to the fore right at key moments.

SHOW-B keep the melodies a little more minimal and roll out the percussions. This interpretation is tougher, and keeps things darker in a more visceral aspect, in that, the atmospheric aura surrounding the original are seemingly not as prominent in this remix.

To round off this package, we have dub versions of both remixes. The entire EP is a testament to 3 very unique styles of productions – both which equally contrast as well as complement each other in a way that there is fluidity throughout the EP.  This is a must have for anyone who is looking for something different, and away from the more commercial releases.



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