Review + Stream: Cid Inc Vs. Darin Epsilon – Outliers (Incl. Petar Dundov Remix) (4/5)

by on March 3, 2015

Cid Inc Vs. Darin Epsilon, Petar Dundov Remix


Perspectives Digital

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Perspectives Digital is a label that focuses on quality of production and each artist on Darin’s label is carefully chosen and the roster is an impressive one. This release also showcases versatility and a lot of technical prowess, so make sure you add it to your collection!


Review + Stream: Cid Inc Vs. Darin Epsilon – Outliers (Incl. Petar Dundov Remix) (4/5) 

The collaboration between these two extremely talented artists is a rare one, but it has the makings of becoming a powerhouse duo. And this release will solidify why.

Imagine acidic stabs with swathing tension-building melodies that transport you to another world – a world of haunting, sinister beats with a vibe that feeds off late-night warehouse sets. The original version of ‘Outliers’ encapsulates all of that. The track is tough, and it evokes powerful emotions that will take you over to the ‘darker’ side.

On remix duties is the extremely talented Petar Dundov. His version breaks down several of the elements and brings them together in a rather twisted way. There’s something very holistic about how Dundov works his magic into the track, but at the same time gives it a new lease. The way he allows the sound to embody you and speak to you is something that requires a high level of technical skill, which Dundov executes perfectly.




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