Review + Stream: Danah Ruh – Yardang EP

by on June 1, 2015

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A force to reckon with in the male dominated industry, Dana is a true artist with many moods. Danah delivers a very unusual combination of sound and feelings on this EP.


Just released, this 3 track EP by Dana Ruh is a very intense musical journey. I have heard her in Dubai a few times and this lady is at the top of her game. She can play an impressive techno set in a dark dingy club just as well as she can set the groove before handing things over to Papa Sven. yet



Case Sensitive (Original Mix)
A drummy slow creeping start diverges as a mild rattle sounds to give the track a classic feel. Sticks hitting the rim and a soft snare, add the glamorous touch. Imagine a stylish retro setting or a dark dingy club, this track would sound apt at both. Nice early hours track to get everyone sipping on their bevies and in mood for the night. Mellow yet techno with many layers to the track, like a butterfly’s wing, delicate and beautiful, yet sturdy because of the many underlying veins.

I’m Surprised What’s Real
The most intense of the 3 tracks musically for me. Its uplifting in a near spiritual way. Open filters and the calculated use of effects give the track an almost psychoactive effect. I wonder if that’s what Dana had on her mind while making this track. Maybe it is meant to blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not.

Yardang (Original Mix)
Minimal elusive beats morphing into a fantasy like drone, just like a yardang forms over time (its a sharp irregular ridge of sand formed due to wind erosion and yes, I had to look that up). Vocals “how can I go anywhere” give a sense of being trapped in the melody that is so luring like a snake dancing to a snake charmer.

A very unusual combination of sound and feelings on this EP. Go get your copy now!


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