Review + Stream: Henry Saiz – Haunted Girl Canyon EP

by on December 8, 2014

Henry Saiz, Eelke Kleijn , Rodriguez Jr



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Review + Stream: Henry Saiz – Haunted Girl Canyon EP


Haunted Girl Canyon EP has personally been a much awaited release which is out now on one of the finest Techno imprint out there today, Suara Music. The EP has two stunning remixes making it more splendid. Henry’s sounds have always had the unique experimental melodic synths and textures. The creator of a style that is a combination of his love for all things electronic with a deep passion for art. The original is built on some groovy bass, smooth pads & stabby obscure techy sounds in the background, that adds spookiness in the buildup. As the track progresses there is a beautiful laid smoky sax melody which is sure to make you do those moves no matter what you’re doing. I bet!

Following which, we have the talented Eelke Kleijn bringing his twist to the original, giving a modern tribal roll to it with an driving bassline unfolding throughout the track. He has done a fantastic job with the vocal snippets echoing in and out the buildup. This version is wedged with murmuring rhythms droning heavy bass along the buildup, where he cleverly adds a little tension by dropping the kick before the snare & balancing the tempo just perfectly. Next we have producer Rodriguez Jr taking a different route, giving the track a deeper swing at the start, along some major play of warped synths. Ah! those chunky beats and reverberating snares of the sleazy synthesizer adds a susceptible groove to it. More like getting lost in your headphones. The release also has a Dub mix which gives off a similar vibe like the original, gliding smooth and deeper. Can’t get enough. If you like intensity and diversity in your music. This is it!


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