Review + Stream: Julian Jeweil – Bird EP [Minus]

by on August 3, 2015

Julian Jeweil is a techno wizard and a master at his wizardary. Always the one for melody, this time he has added heavy, driving beats to the concoction. After his last work on a remix for Marc Houle which was released in April, this parallel project was much awaited by his fans and techno lovers.

This album is so perfectly crafted and planned that it is nothing short of genius. You can expect to hear mechanical sounds pushing the realm’s of techno and yet so distinctively melodic, it forms a symphony between your ears. Some delicate elements take flight among the hard, driving beats and this ties all the tracks on this album together. Like birds of a feather flocking together. ‘Bird’ is perhaps the most melodic track on this EP, and yet it is so energy driven like a peacock in all its glory. ‘153 Essex Street’ has a soft, soothing melody running right alongside its monster bassline and layered effects. This can only be work of a wizard.

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