Review + Stream: Kid Crème & Jolyon Petch – Look For Me

by on March 2, 2015

Kid Crème & Jolyon Petch



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Review + Stream: Kid Crème & Jolyon Petch – Look For Me 

This review will be slightly different from how I would generally review a track. Why you ask? Because of this song.

This truly beautiful, melodic, enigmatic, bass heavy track takes me back to another era of music.

Summer, for those that have been to Europe, is a time for an OST. Meeting up with your friends for dinner and drinks before you head out to go clubbing while the sun sets at 9pm. Walking into HMV to buy music and spotting cute boys (or girls) to check out under lowered eyes. Going to Camden to pregame before night-time revelry. Eating melting ice cream while walking and doing touristy things, taking duck faces near fountains and phone booths. Summer crushes, summer drinks, summer love. This track is the personification of summer. I have not even an iota of doubt that this track will be an anthem for teenagers, adolescent crushes and pre pubescent puppy love. A catchy hook, combined with sing along vocals minus the cheese, leaves one feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Its been a long time since I listened to something different from my general taste in music, and boy oh boy, I’m glad I heard this.

The gradual build up in the second half boasts of a beautiful orchestra lead, that is both simple and yet elegant, leaving no stone unturned to make sure you blast this track from any mode of playing music loud and proud. Sometimes you hear a track and feel that the vocals should have been sung by someone else, this track isn’t that. The female vocals match perfectly with the tone of the track.

All in all, the return of Kid Crème is to be rejoiced. Being generally known for his remix of ‘At Night’ by Shakedown and his partnership that dissolved amicably with Junior Jack, this track serves him up as the comeback ‘Kid’. Partnering with well-known New Zealand born Jolyon Petch, who’s been at the top of Beatport House chart recently with his track named ‘Wrong’, this track is a true to your roots house track.

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