Review + Stream: Matador – Play With Me! EP 2 (5/5)

by on March 2, 2015




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The top live performer is no different in a studio atmosphere and he only keeps
getting bigger and better. All in all it's a 5 star album. If this doesn't make
you want to catch him live at one of his gigs while he's on tour, you're probably


Matador has done it again. Such a diverse album, work of a true genius. Every

track plays with your emotions in a different way. Simply put BRILLIANT! He sets

off on his world tour in wake of releasing this album and will grace various

clubs and festivals across Canada, America, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the UK,

Poland, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Ireland and Mexico. Here’s my review.


1. Da Hustle

Starts with a distress signal that soon evolves into a mental beat…the kind of

tune that you can’t get out of your head. Equally calming is the synth in this

track. This stark difference is hard not to note. It’s graceful transition can

only be work of a pure genius! A dark atmosphere with an arpeggiated synth is

becoming more and more Matador’s signature sound which everyone seems to be



2. Song 2

Apart from the lack of ideas fas to what to name this track, it checks all the

boxes in my list. The constant just about the snare among the deep hypnotic

vibe underlaying the whole track is quiet addictive to say the least. If you’re a bass lover this one’s for

your listening pleasure. Correct me if you don’t get an eargasm.


3. I Gotcha

A track with a very housey vibe. The echoing voice goes, “I got, you got” and I

think it’s talking about the rhythm to move. You can’t help but move to it’s

catchy groove. Receptive musical prowess at it’s epitome I call it. It’s got a

plethora of phat chunky beats in there. This one’s for the gym playlist for

sure….and the club of course 😛



This is an iconic track with MINUS written all over it. My favourite from the

lot because the tracks just draws you into it’s loopy madness. The random whisper

between the electronic drum beat has a hypnotic effect that can only be felt,

not versed. Certainly will make its presence felt on dance floors across the

planet. You can’t listen to this one without finding a new element engrained

into it every time you hear it.


5. Vagenda

The customary Matador effect I like to call it. Plenty of analog’s played with

on this track. The discerning ear is sure to catch a short slight reverb feel

midway into the track that will give you gooseflesh. The track is reminiscent of

old style techno which is slow building and dark , just the kind I dig. It iss like

a snake slowly hissing in a corner and as it gets stirred out of it’s spot, it

gets winding and ferocious ready to strike. Absolute Matador has done it again.



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