Review + Stream: Pretty Pink – Gunfire EP [Suara] (4.5/5)

by on March 11, 2015

Pretty Pink



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Review + Stream: Pretty Pink – Gunfire EP [Suara] (4.5/5)

Vocal tracks are generally a hit or a miss, sometimes they just don’t sit well with the melodies or they can be dominating the entire track, without leaving room for exploration of the underlying sounds – however, this brand new release from Germany’s Pretty Pink on the big kitty label is filled with fresh, summery goodness and floaty, soft vocals that are beautifully sublime.

‘Gunfire’ with tight synths, a rather summery with a slightly Balearic feel to it, uses the vocals of Janine Villforth which add a very beach like vibe to it. With some added percussions and delicate beats, the track signals the end of the dreary winter and making way for Spring and the beauty of the season.

If the title wasn’t enough to be a dead giveaway then let me enlighten you. In the early ‘90s a group called Haddaway released a cult anthem called ‘What Is Love’. In 2015, Pretty Pink has resurrected the track in the most delicate and beautiful way. Simple, yet marginally spookier melodies, and haunting vocals are the core of the track. Using very interesting synth twists, she brings the entire track together in a rather futuristic way.

Pretty Pink’s EP on Suara is one of the most beautiful ones to date – making us dream of the oncoming summer months, after the severe winter. Sun, sand, beaches and cocktails is possibly the best way to summarize what the EP encapsulates, so go on, give it a listen!


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