Review + Stream: Sven Vath-Ritual of Life (Adam Port Remix)

by on April 29, 2015

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Review + Stream: Sven Vath-Ritual of Life (Adam Port Remix)

Papa has finally returned with a release on Cocoon. Berlin man Adam Port pays his tribute to Sven Vath’s classic and takes us back in time. ‘Ritual Of Life’ is an ever green classic and if you haven’t heard the original, do yourself a favor and play it before you hear this one out. Adam uses some tribal beats mixed with mystic sounds and carries us emotionally and mentally through his version of the very hypnotic track originally released in 1993.



A kick drum and a teasing Australian didjeridoo form such a complex melody from the word go on this 10 minute track that its almost spiritual, though tech housey at the same time.The slow introduction of elements is like a spell rising up to the high point of the track. A snaky rattle softly meanders its way into the melody. Midway it drops down to a minimal aura with the stretched drum playing a focal point. And in no time its back to its hypnotic nature, carrying on with a classical touch of the Indian sarangi over what sounds like a baby’s cry and a wind-pipe instrument.

Such an utterly engaging track with a limited green vinyl press. Gives me goosebumps. Get your hands on this one now!


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