Review + Stream: WhoMadeWho – Dreams (Remixes) [Fayer]

by on April 22, 2015

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Fayer is not a genre-focused label, so their releases draw influences from different styles and bring them together in a very sophisticated and technically sound way. Judging from previous releases, it seems as though the label is pushing all the right buttons and breaking away from the generic, formulaic releases.


Indie-Punk-Rock influenced electronica tracks are a delight to hear in their own individual and untouched form. Sometimes however, there comes along a remix (or in this case four!) that not only adds a unique twist to the original, but also elevates the listening experience by making an entirely different version of the archetype altogether.

One such remix package came from Edu Imbernon’s recently launched ‘Fayer’ label, by the Copenhagen based Pop-Jazz band WhoMadeWho, titled ‘Dreams’. The remixes come from Swiss duo Adriatique, French producer The Hacker, upcoming Lithuanian producer Few Nolder and London based artist, Kiwi. If versatility is your bag, then this remix package is one that may just grab your attention.


The Swiss duo Adriatique have been creating quite the buzz with their darker, moodier compositions, which they combine with punchy and quite out there samples. And their remix showcases exactly why they’re supported heavily by some of the heavyweights, as well as being a staple on Diynamic’s roster. They raise the tempo of the original and with those almost haunting undertones, their remix is one for the longer, extended sets, and personally a favourite.

If moody melodies aren’t your thing, then how about a disco-influenced-electronica version by French producer The Hacker? This version is reminiscent of 80’s soft glam rock with heavy synth and bass. The vocals, which are also very 80’s-like blend in perfectly with the synths and bass, thereby making this remix a disco-indie one. You might just think you’re being transported back in time to the days of bad-hair and outrageous leather when you listen to this version!

Kiwi, the extremely talented London based producer changes things up considerably in his version. The seemingly indie vibe is completely taken over by dreamy and ethereal soundscapes, which are almost cinematic. This rather floaty version is perfect for an after-hours set and it sets the tone for a rather heavy party winding down, with a slow, and an almost sexy feel.

Finally, we have the upcoming Lithuanian producer Few Nolder (yes, I read it as New Folder at first too.), who elevates the track to a rather melodic version. The soundscapes are very summery and lush and there’s a very daytime feel to this track. The vocals are complemented perfectly by this remix, and rather than drown out the vocals, they simply heighten the track and add a fullness to the remix. A very peppy version that will have you grooving from the first few chords!

For a relatively new label, Fayer has already established that there’s always something new to be discovered. It is quite evident from this remix package that there isn’t just a focus on techno/tech-house, there are influences from disco, funk, rock, and indie that make this package versatile and very unique. Grab a copy and find out for yourself!


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