Sébastien Léger launches his Temple Of Lions label and announces 20 Years retrospective album project.

by on November 21, 2014

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Sébastien Léger is one of the most unique and captivating DJ/Producers the techno world has seen over the past two decades and with a more melodic, slower soundscape now being accepted within the scene, December 2014 is a perfect moment for him to launch his new Temple Of Lions label to feature the melody rich productions he has been creating and championing for many years

Temple Of Lions TOL01


Taking it’s inspiration from an enlightening trip to Bali, the label will feature parts of Sébastien’s musical palette that have been waiting in the wings for the scene to move forward and develop in a more relaxed, open-minded way. Temple Of Lions is about tracks you would play on the beach, or in intimate, underground clubs. By removing formulaic huge build-ups and drops from the equation, Sébastien’s Temple Of Lions productions have the space for more musicality within their structure, further blurring the lines and divides between techno and house music in a diverse and highly creative way.

As his DJ sets have become longer (3-4hrs being the norm these days), there has also come more room for more stylistic experimentation and groovier, deeper starting points. So the Temple Of Lions releases will be a signature part of Sébastien Léger’s future musical direction, as he moves forward into his third exciting decade in the scene

Stream: Sébastien Léger – Bali Deep / Elixir (Temple Of Lions) TOL01

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Sébastien Léger – 20 Years Of DJing!

In other exciting news, January 2015 will see Sébastien Léger mark the conclusion of his landmark “20 Years Of DJing” celebrations with a retrospective compilation album on his other, established label, Mistakes Music.

The album tracks will be a selection of Sébastien’s favourites from the past two decades – ones that he thinks deserve to be known, discovered and revisited at this landmark point in his career. The selection process will reflect all his tastes over the years as a producer, providing a unique opportunity to hear his music in the context of when it was originally released.

More details coming soon!

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