One on One with Nora En Pure

by on March 13, 2015

We chatted with Daniela of Nora En Pure who is slated to debut her summery sound in India today! The South African born, Switzerland based artist plays sunshine soaked deep and tech house with indie influences that instantly transports you to carefree days at the beach. She talked with us about touring, deep house in South Africa and what she gets upto in her free time! Make sure to catch Nora En Pure if you live in Delhi or Mumbai for a dose of the sunshine underground.


1. Will this be your first time visiting India and do you have any expectations or particular associations with India?

I have once been in India many years ago but not for work, and from what I experienced then I expect now a very lively positive atmosphere. Furthermore I expect brilliant food, as I love many Indian dishes J


2. What were some of the highlights of 2014 for you in terms of favourite venues or shows you played at?

2014 gave me the opportunity of experiencing many different locations and venues throughout the year. Summer festivals are for me always amazing as my sound also fits perfectly to the summer and even better to locations at the beach. I had those pleasures in Brazil, Netherlands, Romania, Australia and more countries.


3. And how’s 2015 looking for you in terms of musical production and performing?

I am quite busy with touring, a few major US tours will take place this year, which I am looking forward to a lot since its also a new market for me. Then India is also my first destination in all of Asia, where I hope to play more often in the future. To find a nice balance I plan to have regular releases, but an album or so is not being planned yet.


5. Do you have a stronger preference for the studio vs. performing or are they both as enjoyable for you?

Usually I started to miss the studio a lot when I’m very busy with touring, and once I am in the studio for quite some time (especially if I feel stuck at some place and I’m not happy with the result) I long for touring, where the mind is occupied with other things again.


4. Could you tell us a little bit about the deep house or electronic music scene in South Africa, where you are originally from?

In South Africa there are places where people enjoy the very chilled vibes, the 120bpm deep house or even slower can be such a bomb on the dance floor. I think also organic house is more popular there, which has a bit more soul and melody.


5. If you were curating a festival of your dreams next month, who would you have playing at it, other than yourself?!

I like live performance, so I would maybe invite Goldfish (who are South Africans themselves) and they play a lot of instruments while they perform. Like many other people I certainly would enjoy ‘Disclosure’ and maybe a live set by my buddy ‘Passenger 10’ who plays some very highly elaborated music, more into the electronica genre.


6. Your music generally has an uplifting and happy quality with a lot of instrumental sounds –do you think you will continue making similar music or is experimenting with different sounds and genres something that might interest you?

As an artist you are prone to experiment different things. It’s always a balance between keeping yourself interested and your followers happy also. I have always liked to use instruments in electronic music, like organic house says, there is more life to it. It’s more real, more touchable and can take you away and let you dream a bit.


7. Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re like in your non-musical life – what do you like to get up to?

At the moment I am often quite lazy after touring and like to catch up with my friends and family. But in general I am a big animal lover. I like to be outdoors and also spend as much time as possible in wildlife resorts whenever I can go to South Africa.


8. If you weren’t a musician, what do you think you might have been instead?

While I started with music I was actually studying criminal psychology and that is a field that has also always interested me. Investigating crime scenes or doing therapies for crime-involved people might be scary for some people but has always interested me. So maybe one day you’ll see me in CSI or so 😉


Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and we can’t wait to have you here in India! See you on the dance floor

Thank you very much and I can’t wait either J

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