One on One with Silinder

by on March 14, 2014

One on One with Silinder – Interviewed by Sarah Mathews


Silinder Colour

Dublin based producer Gavin Mulhall aka Silinder, is the man behind those astounding sounds. His productions can be best termed as to be the Midas Touch. This month I caught up with this great producer and person, who does not need much introduction as he in fact is favored by most of us in the scene today. Let’s begin!


1Hi Gavin, Welcome to Euphoric! How are you

I’m feeling good thanks, I had a good day today.

2 Let’s start by talking about your formative ­musical ­experiences? Since when did you decide to start ­producing Electronic Music? Was there someone who ­influenced you to do so?

Well my first experience with music was the mid 80’s, I grew up listening to bands like U2, New Order, Depeche Mode & the Smiths, which then grew into the early acid house and indie scene of the late 80’s early 90’s. I started to produce in 1999 but more professionally in 2002 when I got a good setup. As for influences, I suppose listening to the bands I just mentioned gave me the inspiration to start it all.

3 What inspired you to have your alias as Silinder? Guess we all would be interested to know the story behind it.

Ha, well there’s nothing cryptic behind it. After a few days of trying to come up with something, I was watching an episode of Top Gear (car show) and one of the hosts was talking about the car’s engine, he mentioned ‘cylinder’ so I just changed the ‘cy’ to ‘si’ and I did a search on the web and the only other Silinder at that time was an Indian artist, which was perfect, so, Silinder was born.

4 Your sounds carry inimitable groovy rhythms, and all of them sound incredible! Where do you draw ­inspiration from? Do you ever get tired or bored of with what you’re ­doing?

I spend the majority of the time on drums when I’m working on a track. Once I’m happy with the general loop I got going I’ll write the bassline around it. This might not work for everyone but it helps me get a groove going early so I tend to work a lot quicker then to finish it. I’m constantly listen to music, on my way to work, in work, on my way home from work…I think you get the picture, I love it and never get bored or tire of it.

5 Which is and has been your all time favorite track that never gets off your playlist? How does music affect your mood?

I have so many favourite tracks from over the years but to pick one it would be One More Time by Krystal Club. Music has a big effect on me and I will listen to music to suit the mood I’m in, but I’m generally in good mood so it’s always plenty of 70’s Disco and 80’s Italo!

6 Awesome! Now going back to your music. What are you ­currently ­working on? Have you got any ­upcoming collaborations you are ­working on/with?

I’m working on some original tracks for Proton Music to follow up my Solas E.P. released with them last month. I’ve also got remixes for Clinique Recordings, Release, Perspectives Digital & a remix for Fulvio Perniola (one half of Fathers of Sound)for his label HMM in the pipeline. I haven’t worked on any collabs since my work with fellow Dubliners, Boshell & Cody as Coherent. I’m always open to working with others so hopefully that will change in the future.

Silinder B+W

7 It’s been more than a decade we have you bringing us some incredible productions. Which was that one track that made the biggest difference in your career?

That would be an original track I did called ‘Rubberhump’. None other than Sasha included it on his ‘Thank You Mix’ in 2008. It gave me that kick and spurred me on to make more and better tracks.

8 I guess every producer must be feeling lucky to have you remix their tracks, as you never disappoint with your reworks on them. How do you choose the tracks that you want to remix?

Well, thank you! When choosing a remix I have to like the original first. If I’m not feeling it after the first listen, well, I’ll politely decline.

9 What does your life consist of when you are completely away from music?

I suppose being a husband and father to three kids, as much as I love producing music, they will always come first.

10 In the past couple of years, technology has been a much ­discussed aspect of DJing. How do you like it? What is your current setup?

To be honest, I haven’t dj’d out in years, the production side of things just took over and it’s all I ever wanted to do while I was djing, although, I did go out with a bang supporting Jacques Le Cont. But from what I’ve read, saw & heard, these days it is becoming increasingly easier to become a dj and technology has a big part to play in that. You can make music anywhere now, apps for phones and ipads, sure my twelve year old daughter makes music on her ipad with the LaunchKey app by Novation, which is class I may add. And that’s not to mention the load of mixing apps too. The capabilities are endless and it will get easier and faster, I just hope that quantity doesn’t outweigh quality. But back to the djing, personally speaking, it doesn’t matter to me what way the music comes out of the speakers in a club, be it via vinyl, cd’s, laptop or memory stick, as long as it sounds good and loud I’m happy.

11 What are your views on the EDM scene today?

There’s no doubt that the scene is extremely healthy today, especially Stateside. I know technically what I’m producing is electronic music but when I hear that term EDM, I associate the bigger, more commercial djs/producers. Names like Guetta, Avicii, Calvin Harris and that cake throwing nutjob Aoki… What I produce and what I listen to are certainly nothing like what these guys are doing, but hats off to them, they like it, people are buying it and they are making a shed load of money…it’s just not for me…well… the money is, not the music.

12 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever had?

The best advice I have ever been given is to always listen to the advice of others. You may think you know it all, but you don’t. Always be willing to listen.

13 Do you like travelling? Which has been your favorite destination that you’ve travelled so far?

I’m not a huge fan of travelling, I’m a bit of a home bird. But I’ve been to various countries, some of my favourites were Spain, Turkey & I’ve been to Lanzarote quite a few times now and I love the place, such a beautiful island.

14 Your top 5 favorite songs of all time?

Ha, this is easy, each one still gets a play at least once a week, 1: Krystal Club – One More Time [Technical Time]. 2: Orbital – Belfast. 3: Gat Décor – Passion [Naked Mix], 4: The Grid – Crystal Clear [Prankster Prophet Mix] 5: Deep Piece – Bup Bup Biri Biri [Dead Calm Mix]

15 Thank you so much for your time Gavin. It was absolutely a ­pleasure talking to you. Last few words for the readers?

Thanks for having me in the mag, love what you guys are doing and keep up the great work. On a final note, just a big thanks to all the readers and anyone out there who has bought my music and supported me over the years. Without You, I’m Nothing…



• EDM Scene today…

128 bpm

• One movie which you would like to watch over and over again?

Pretty In Pink (had a thing for Molly Ringwald in the 80’s)

• Superhero character would you like to have been?

Catwoman, (I’d look good in that suit…honest.)

• Describe your style of music in 2 words

Dark & Light

• Favorite Food?


• Favorite Show?


Interviewed by Sarah Mathews



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