Spotlight: Cristoph (Interview + Mix), Reveals India Tour

by on July 18, 2015

What a year it’s been so far for the one they call Cristoph. This Geordie lad is one of a group of young UK producers hailing from the North East Of England that are making waves worldwide with their next generation brand of British House Music.

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Hot Since 82, Patrick Topping and wAFF, Cristoph was singled out as a ‘Future Star’ by no less an authority than Pete Tong late last year and has since raised expectations further with a series of hot productions and remixes this year for such mighty labels as Defected, Noir, Material & Viva.

Right before this release with Selador we had a word with one of the most hard working and quality producers out there. Handpicked specially for you, Cristoph delivers a set for the Euphoric Magazine featuring straight up house music.


Q1. Hi Cristoph, how are you? Where are you currently?

Hi, thanks for the interview. I’m good, I’m currently in Australia half way through my first tour over here so I’m really loving life at the moment.

Q2. 2015 has been a spectacular year for you. You have been releasing quality music on Defected and Noir. Tell us how your relationship with the two labels started?

Thank you. Yeah 2015 has been a really enjoyable year on the music front so far. Hopefully that will continue. I guess getting with Defected was a stroke of luck if I’m honest. Basically I had made my track ‘Guffaz’ and it had a Defected sample in. The track was originally going to be signed to Underground Audio (my manager Kal’s label). He emailed Andy at Defected to clear the sample and by all accounts Andy digged the record and asked if I had any others. I sent him across a few more and he liked those too and decided to sign them for the DFTD imprint and it’s went from there really.

I have always enjoyed the music that Noir puts out on his label so I’m very happy to be involved with them. I made a few tracks last year which I thought may be suited to the label so sent them across and from there we built my first EP. Since then I have now entered doing an EP series with them called ‘Consequence Of Society’ where I will be releasing certain volumes over the next few years. Noir is great to work with, I really look up to him.


Q3. Ibiza and festival season is just about to really kick off. How do you feel about it now as the madness approaches?

I’m really excited to be honest. I love being busy whether its me playing or going to catch other DJ’s I’m into play and the summer months in Europe allow both of these to be more regular. Ibiza is always a great place to play and party so now that the season is here I’m fully ready.


Q4 Have you ever considered to host your own night in Ibiza?

I have long and short term goals and hosting my own night not only in ibiza but around the world is definitely on those lists. However, I feel I still have to grow a lot as an artist and build my fan base etc before I look to move into that side of things. It would be amazing to have my own night, a dream come true but it will take a lot of hard work and I guess I’l take that step when I feel the time is right.


Q5. Newcastle has been a host to some glorious events and nights that can go down in dance music history books. How was it for you when you were growing up and how is the scene currently in your hometown?

I feel growing up there was a lot more going on in Newcastle than there is now. For instance Shindig was a weekly event and was capacity every week. I seen some of the world’s greatest DJ’s because of Shindig and I’m truly grateful for that. Nowadays there are less underground House and Techno nights in the city as predominantly the scene is student led. That being said the Shindig is still on around about 6 times a year and nights such as Loop, Motion and Octave are starting to make the underground scene in Newcastle a force again.


Q6. Clearly youve been working with Defected for a while now. What does Defected mean to you as a label? We just heard the promo for Slowly Burning, its super hot!

Ah thank you, glad you like the record. I’m hoping a lot of people will enjoy either the Original or the Dub. Defected is a label I’v admired ever since I started buying vinyl. Some amazing producers/DJ’s have been and are associated with the label so to be amongst them is so surreal. It’s honestly an honour to release music with them, I can’t express how fortunate I feel.


Q7. How would you say you’ve grown/developed as a musician/DJ since you first got into the business?

I feel I have matured massively. Travelling around a lot on your own makes you reflect on you and your life and it has made me realise I have been given a real chance to reach my dreams if I work hard and do what is necessary. Knowing that has really made me focus on my career a lot more instead of taking things for granted. Musically I think I have been able to progress production wise as I now have time to sit and learn new things in the studio as I do this full time now. I’m starting to lean more into the melodic side of things at the moment but I still stick by writing what I’m feeling that day.


Q8. What would you say has been your greatest achievement so far?

Hmm hard question. If I’m brutally honest I think actually breaking through and starting to get real bookings away from Newcastle and releasing on labels has to be the greatest. I know its quite a broad answer but I have dreamt of becoming a DJ all my life so the whole package means everything to me.


Q9. How do you keep yourself motivated? Do you ever have moments where you feel a little jaded with the whole nightlife business (maybe after a long weekend of gigs??)…

I would be lying if I said I didn’t get tired, but in all honesty if that’s the only thing I have to complain about I’m pretty lucky. Nobody in the world gets through life without a struggle somewhere. I’m doing my dream job and there’s a million and one talented DJ’s and producers working very hard to break through or to continue to climb the ladder so if I’m to slacken off I could lose everything I have and want – that’s enough motivation for me.



Q10. You have released all kind of styles from Deep House To Tech House to Techno. Do you feel as an artist its important to not keep yourself constraint to one genre?

I think that’s down to the artist themselves. For me I enjoy playing out music across the House and Techno spectrum so naturally I will make music across that too. I normally note places in sets I would like to drop a track of my own then go back to the studio and start to write one. I also believe it allows me to be more creative writing different genres of music.


Q11. Which have been your top gigs so far?

I could honestly write about so many here. DGTL festival in Amsterdam definitely has to be up there though. That place is amazing. I opened up one arena on the sunday and it was really cool to play an opening set and its a different vibe to what I normally play. I was then asked to play at the after party in a huge warehouse for around 7000 people. That was a lot more Techno led and the Dutch really know how to party so that will be one I will never forget.


Q12. Which five artists are you currently digging the most?

Another tough question as there are so many I admire at the moment. 5 I really like are Hot Since 82, Maceo Plex, Mano Le Tough, Tale of Us and Dixon


Q13. And the final question, we hear you are touring India soon, Care to share some details?

  Yeah I am coming on a tour then in September, alongside the guys from sLick! The details are still being fully finalised but you should expect to hear more in the coming few weeks about that






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