Jackmaster Is Going to Be Mixing the Next Edition of DJ Kicks


The next editionf of DJ Kicks comes from Jackmaster

DJ Kicks is a testament to that journey Jack embarked on as a young teenager and a symbol of how far he has come. A well-considered and seamless course that plots his early influences and cements his status for years to come. “I think it’s different to what a lot of people would expect from me, but for me it was important to do something honest and something that sets the record straight in a way. Some people think I’m a dubstep DJ, some people think I just bang out classics, but neither of those are true. I try not to be too purposely idiosyncratic when selecting music. It’s kind of contrived. I want to educate people but never compromise my vision. I just want to play good music and tell my own story.”

The mix is influenced heavily by how I used to DJ at the first party I ever promoted, named Seismic, and another named Monox which was a straight up techno night where I was a resident from the age of 17. And although it wasn’t my plan, it turned into a kind of tribute to the cities that really formulated me as a DJ: Detroit, Chicago and Glasgow.”


01 LNRDCROY – Freedom for Antboy II

02 Denis Sulta – My Soul Needs Justice

03 Phil Moffa – Centre Of The World

04 X_1 – Happy Hippie Hifi

05 Eliphino – Isabella Road

06 Massimiliano Pagliara – I Am Running All My Drum Machines At Once and Dancing

07 Mike Dunn – The Groove

08 Playground Productionz – Orgy XXX

09 Eli Escobar – Tension (Vinyl Mix)

10 Alcatraz Harry – Ode To Frankfurt

11 Lory D – Deep Acustic

12 Tomahawk – Forever Free

13 Anno Stamm – A Night Out With Therese

14 Denis Sulta – Dubelle Oh XX (Jack’s VIP)

15 Konakov – Clnki Part 2

16 Mr. G – Transient

17 Basic Channel – Q1.1

18 Fango – Vena Cava

19 Tessela – Yeah That Lush (Demo Version)

20 Ricardo Villalobos – Logohitz

21 Dean & Deluca – Chapter One

22 Robert Hood – The Pace

23 Overmow – Convultions

24 Pom Pom – Untitled

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