From The Inbox: Corridors ‘April Flows’ Is One Ethereal Gem (9.7/10)



Corridors Feat Nisa LABEL


Ambient/Minimal Bass


Like so many young musicians, electronic producer Corridors (Rijul Victor) is nothing if not the sum of his influences. His latest track ‘April Flows’ screams originality and a step forward for Indian electronica that many from the industry cannot ignore.

Everyone knows my love for Synkro, and when I come across something as brilliant as his work, I’m the first one to point it out. Fresh out of the oven, Corridor’s aka Rijul Victor low-slung electronica piece featuring Nisa leans towards analog synths and ethereal vocals that had me captivated since I heard it for the first time. While it boasts originality, the crisp production of the instruments used and those vocal tracks ranges between the most idyllic side of minimal bass that is pioneered by the likes of dBridge, ASC, and Synkro. Minor sticking points aside,April Flows is a well-structured and texturally rich track that should be tracked down by the good folks at Apollo Records. Way to make India proud!

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