Review + Stream: Gilbert Ramos – A Love Story

Incepto Music has been one of my favorite labels releasing quality deep sounds. Every release is picked with great detailing which helps retain the quality and standard.

This time we have young upcoming talent Gilbert Ramos showing his skills with a ambient downtempo chilled EP. ‘A Love Story’ has three soothing tracks also featuring André Moenaert along the ecstatic vocals of Yvonne Silva. The vibes of this release is beautiful. You need to hear this to feel it.

First we have the title track ‘Never See You Smile Again’ one of the main highlight track from the release. Built on slow heavy basline, the track starts of with afterlife atmospheric chord progressions, layered synths transitioning into a buildup that sinks under your skin along the graceful vocals of Yvonne. The track picks up the pace as it makes it’s way through into a slow upbeat breakdown. The enigmatic atmospheric piano sounds can easily make you slip into a blissful state. A personal favorite!

Next we have, ‘ Inside your Dreams’. Perfectly chilled start along some tranquil musical elements backed up with heart-rending vocal effects, peaking in and out the track gives it a deep spiritual vibe. The continuous mellow atmosphere in the background retains a sweeping deep tempo vibe throughout which delves deeper , adding an extra dimension to the track. Lush and sensual sounds.

Last track on the EP is ‘Always Thinking About You’. Kick starting with daunting vocal effects with a slow driving baseline the track moves along a hypnotic vibe along the beats and stabs blended into a atmospheric buildup. Soft, melodic sounds holding a deep trippy empathy that builds on a bed of floating pads and beats running in the background, becoming deeper as the track progresses. This Love Story ends on a perfect note.

Overall, the music is very original. Setting new standards for chill & ambient sounds , an absolute delightful musical journey. If you love deep downtempo chilled ambient sounds check this out!

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