Review + Stream: Heathered Pearls – Body Complex LP (9.1/10)


Album : Body Complex
Artist : Heathered Pearls
Available on : The Ghostly Store
Released: 7th Aug’15

1.    Cast in Lemon & Sand
2.    Sunken Living Area
3.    Interior Architecture Software
4.    Personal Kiosk (ft. The Sight Below)
5.    Holographic Lodge
6.    Abandoned Mall Utopia (ft. Shigeto)
7.    Perfume Catalogue
8.    Artificial Foliage
9.    Warm Air Estate (ft. Outerbridge)
10.    Thought Palace

Poland born and Detroit raised somewhat art eccentirc, Jakub Alexander now resides in Brooklyn. The whole album reflects his deep seated roots in the many after hours he attended as a teen DJ which moulded his understanding of rythmn and beat. Techno in its most melodic form is showcased on this 10 track EP.  I chanced upon this album and immeditely fell in love with “Sunken Living Area”. It has a great opening vibe. A slow movement of the head with a drink in hand is called for for this early hours track. One of the tracks that places you in a defunct paper mill where people have gathered to get lost in the music. The steady yet silent pick up is almost a holistic transformation.

“Abandoned Mall Utopia” has a glowing synth that ebbs and flows as the track progresses. There is a weightlessness about the track and the deterrent drum beat just about keeps me from floating away to a distant land. The synthesizer, once again is the hero in “Perfume Catalogue” alongside a subdued drum machine. Very delectable on the dancefloor or otherwise.  You can catch the talented young man at one of these places as he creates a lasting visual imprint with his music, an experience to be devoured.

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